Aloe Vera Cream Face Moisturizer – Organic Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil-Rosacea, Psoriasis Lotion – Eczema Cream (9 oz and 1 Travel)


  • ALOE BOOSTER IS MADE: with Vitamins A, C, and Vitamin E oil, and over 70 other nutrients found in our premium sourced aloe which will help protect your skin from natural and environmentally triggered oxidants. Your skin will feel smooth and healthy
  • NO GREASY RESIDUE: Even though we have Jojoba, Rose Hip, Camellia Seed, and Sunflower Seed oils, in our cream, they help fortify the skin below the service as this cream will absorb deep and dry with no residue or smell.
  • HANDS, FEET, FACE AND WHOLE BODY: are covered with our cream., works great on the face, most big companies focus mostly on the face so to charge more for a little tiny container, We think the whole body is important; If all you use this on is your face it could last as a year.
  • BOOSTER ALOE CREAM IS THICKER: in consistency than aloe lotions and provide a barrier that keeps skin nourished and ultra-hydrated. Best used in the morning and evening for whole body conditioning.


SKIN BY KAY “ALOE BOOSTER SKIN CREAM” has been specially formulated by using the very highest quality Aloe Vera combined with ingredients carefully selected to enhance Aloe’s effectiveness. It has been a huge success in handling an infinite range of skin ailments for our customers. NATURAL MOISTURIZER FOR FACE: composition of organic, highly potent aloe vera, premium ingredients, vitamins A, C & E and antioxidants nourish, hydrate and enhance your skin’s ability to retain moisture for a more healthy, firmer and radiant-looking skin ORGANIC ALOE VERA MOISTURIZER: paraben free, gluten free, cruelty free; Nourishes and Protects with Antioxidant properties help protect your skin, repair damage, relieve sunburns and nourish dry skin, redness relief for face, shea butter ensures abundant hydration and reduces wrinkles and fine lines, making your skin softer and smoother NATURAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: increased inflammation control, helping with hand, finger and joint pain, also Aloe gel and Shea Butter combats pimples, acne, excema, psoriasi, rosacea skin care products HYPOALLERGENIC FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Aloe Booster Cream is infused with a game changing formula improves and soothes skin, restores skin elasticity and repairs skin cells, providing anti-aging effects on the skin helps treat burns, moisturize dry and sensitive skin – free of any harmful chemicals and safe for daily use INFUSED ALOE MIX: contains Aloe Vera Plant derived MSM for added inflammation control Grapeseed oil Shea butter Green Tea Rosehip Oil Vitamin A, C & E 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


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